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Dragons and Cats!

You may have seen these little kitties on the internet. They were created by concept artist Kyoung Hwan Kim, from Seoul, South Korea. The Army of Wool as they’re known, depict lovable felines armored up to wage battle, or maybe just to stand there and look really cute. Either way, these adorable pictures show what some of the most popular cat breeds would look like when venturing in the turbulent world of D&D and other mythical worlds.

The Bronze Dragon, artwork by Todd Lockwood, is a formidable beast. The bronze breed is the least powerful of the metallic dragons, yet no less fierce to behold for tiny humans. Fortunately, these beasts align best with humans of all the sub races. I’m betting the dragons and the kitties of the Wool Army will get along just great, so I’m working to bring the fur and scales together in a most epic way. Here are some pictures of a wonderful fantasy world that is possible for you and your refreshments!

Please note that licensing approval to use the artwork in products for sale is pending, but my fingers crossed.

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