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About Us

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My name is Robert Box. I’m an artist and wood crafter. My likes are in the outer bounds of the norm. I enjoy creating art and wood crafts with themes of Tarot and Mystical, Bigfoot, Krampus, and other gritty themes. But I do occasionally dabble in the happy and good vibes genre!


I use a print on demand service to manufacture apparel that features my art. This service allows me to focus on creating unique artwork to share with the world on tshirts and other apparel that is high quality and long lasting. Plus I’m just not good at the garment printing process!


All of the wood crafts you see on my site are hand crafted by me. I do use technology in the process, such as doing my designs on the computer and then use laser and CNC machines to craft the final piece. And don’t worry, I use a lot of elbow grease in the process of sanding and finishing the crafts to professional levels!


Please browse through my site to see some wonderful art and wood crafts. Hopefully you’ll find something that strikes your fancy. You can reach me via email

with questions or even special requests.

Thank you for your time!

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