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Table Top game players Rejoice with these new Dice Towers with Vault!

In a world full of table top game accessories, there is some pretty cool and unique items available. The price for these neat gems usually starts high and just goes higher the more unique the building material is. We know you want to roll your dice in style and think you should be able to at an affordable price. We’re introducing our take on traditional Dice Rolling Towers, with a twist.

Dice Towers normally are sold separately and dice vaults alongside them, because you’ve got to store those dice somewhere, right? Our dice towers will come with a dice vault built in to the basement of the tower! Plenty of room in the basement vault for lots of dice, and the door to the vault closes nice and snug with powerful magnets. Intentionally, the vault door will have spaces on either side, just so you can sneak a peek at those wonderful dice, even when locked up. Seeing those dice just makes you feel good and giddy with anticipation of the next critical role!

Main ingredients of the initial batch of towers are Spalted Maple and Western Red Cedar (both harvested from our location on Camano Island). Also used in some of them is the exotic and dense wood, Purple Heart, purchased through the Rockler stores in the Seattle area. Combined these woods offer a unique and satisfying sound as the dice tumble down the three-ramp system. And these towers will accommodate the larger 1.08 inch dice, like the legendary D&D D20. Look to the store section of our website soon to get a hold of your own Dice Tower!

We will also offer customization of dice towers on limited basis. If you'd like to discuss customizing a tower, please email

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