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Dice Rolling Trays are Coming!

To complement our beautiful Dice Towers, we will soon be introducing rolling trays made from our favorite wood, Big Leaf Maple. As always, we will feature Spalted maple wood as the premier choice for creating these trays. Western Red Cedar will also be used for making these, and together these two types of trays will offer excellent gaming accessory options.

The concept model shown here is 8.75 inches long by 5.25 inches wide. The rolling tray measures 4.45 inches in width, and 6.25 inches in length. The pocket is generously deep at 1.05 inches which works great for keeping the dice contained after speeding down the tower.

The dice pocket is 1.75 inches wide by 4.45 inches long, just the perfect size for 12-14 dice to fit nicely. The depth of the pocket in the .25 inches which allows for easy picking up of the dice to make the next critical role down the dice tower.

The lid is kept in place tightly with eight rare earth magnets to make sure you don't lose your dice or other precious items you may keep inside.

Felted and non-felted options will be available, because some wood grain is to gorgeous to cover up. But we know everyone has different tastes, so we’ll provide different trays to make you say mmmm.

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