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Krampus originated in Central Alpine European folklore as a mythical creature accompanying St. Nicholas during the Christmas season. With roots in pre-Christian pagan traditions, Krampus is often depicted as a demonic figure associated with punishing naughty children, but we like to imagine Krampus of having both a thorny and a softer side. Explore our contrasting depictions of Krampus and remember that wearing Tinderbox WP Krampus Merch year round significantly reduces your chance of a visit during the Yuletide!

From Aquarius to Capricorn and all the signs in between, we celebrate the Zodiac and what makes each of us a star child. Explore our mesmerizing and artful designs and find something that helps express you and your unique cosmic self.

Valkyries & Vikings
Coming Soon

Join us on a journey through a digital portal into the world of Valkyries, Vikings, and the primal essence of human nature and our connection to the divine.

Magic Mushrooms
Coming Soon

Sure, Mushrooms enjoy growing in the dark and dank using their mycelium to suck up the nutrients from rotting stuff, but wow does that create the best psychedelic magic goodness ever!  But don’t worry, our mushrooms are all for showing off being unique and fun. Click the shop button to see all the Magic Mushroom weirdness we’ve got to offer. We know you’ll find something to show your uniqueness to the world.

Tarot and Mystical
Coming Soon

Energy… Life… Emotion… Truth… Death… this is all that can be expected. Explore our designs of Tarot and the Mystical to bring these concepts to your world.

Bigfoot, aka Sasquatch, is hugely popular and we support the believers and knowers of the world with our colorful and unique Bigfoot art that you can get on apparel and other neat stuff. You’ll find something cool in our Bigfoot offerings to keep you happy whether your're kick’in it at home or trekking the backwoods trails in search of our elusive, hairy Friend.

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