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Welcome to our Foodbank Support items page!

Our goal with this program is supporting our local Stanwood Camano Foodbank, so our friends and neighbors in need have a community resource they can count on.


Our commitment is to offer up quality, hand-made wood crafts for you to enjoy, and share 50% of the item cost funds from your purchase with the Stanwood Camano Foodbank.

The math is – If an item is $50, then $25 will be donated to the foodbank. Shipping and tax are not included in the donation contribution.

We will always send you, the purchaser, confirmation of the donation that is sent to the foodbank, so you can know that together we are helping make a difference for those who need a little help.

Thank you so much for your generosity and for visiting Tinderbox Wood Products!

-Robert Box

*Please note for local patrons, you may come in to the store and ask to purchase one of the items and we will process the donation the same way as buying online.

 **Should you want to make a donation directly: 

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