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Keys of Fate Green

Keys of Fate Green


A fun way to choose your fate with Tarot - Keys of Fate key holder! This cool key holder features a Mahogany base board that has magnetic holes to hold the Tarot key chain in place. Place your precious keys on a Tarot key chain of your choice. We’ve got all the Major Arcana Tarot cards and you can pick which three Tarot cards you want.


The cards have a metal peg. Simply push the metal peg into the slot and a magnet holds the key chain in place. And because these are magnetic, you can turn the card upside down when you return the key, thereby giving the next person to use the key a difference in fate!


In the top right and left corners are the slots where you insert mounting screws, and then put the wooden caps in place to hide the screws. Please note - mounting screws are not included. You must provide your own mounting screws.

Board Text Color: Green