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Scratching the surface

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

If you asked me two years ago what I would do when a massive Big Leaf Maple tree came down from the wind in my yard or in the back acreage, I would have said “Buck it up for firewood.” In fact, that is how the business first started. Becky and I would cut and split the wood, and then deliver locally to our neighbors. I couldn’t have been a bigger dummy with this beautiful wood…

Well, you know, missteps and stumbles just delay one’s journey to the right path. Now I know what kind of beauty can be found inside a block of wood by just by scratching the surface.

Take this piece, for example. After a few scratches, a little sanding here and there, something amazing appeared. Hidden inside of this previously rotting piece of wood was a spectacular mountain scene depicting a wolf and eagle living the wild life under a golden sun time piece. All it needed was an easel to stand up, so I made one out of solid maple, of course.

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