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Pardon our construction!

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Welcome to Tinderbox Wood Products L.L.C. Please excuse the dust and smudges on the logo. We’re busily working to clean stuff up and bring our ideas and business to life. I’m Robert, and together with my wife Becky, we’re finding beauty and creativity in Big Leaf Maple.

Why Big Leaf Maple? Well, because it is a hearty hardwood, which looks amazing when fresh and bright white, and even more amazing when aged and spalted with warm caramel, black, and brown tones throughout the wood grain. We harvest Big Leaf Maple from our acreage on Camano Island, Washington, mill it, and will be creating eye catching live-edge wood products worthy of center piece placement and lively discussion.

Our spalted wood isn’t stuff that’s just been sitting around, forgotten, until someone stumbles across it to reclaim. No siree Bob! We’ve been aging our Big Leaf Maple logs to perfection in the wet and wild Northwest weather for several years to facilitate the rot and spalting process on purpose. Kind of like aging a fine wine, but the wood tastes terrible. But when the logs are ready, I head out the front door with my trusty Stihl saw, cut the wood in to thick slabs, and claim it for producing keepsake worthy wood products!

Please take time to enjoy pics of my current projects, as well as the video “Tinderbox Begins”. This video shows our land, the trees, and our site before construction begins on the large shop and store we’re building later in 2019.

Please keep coming back to our site to see updates on our building construction process and see more of the neat stuff we are creating. Should you want to profess your love for Big Leaf Maple too, we’ll listen!

The Stallion Side Table - before and after pictures.

Ingredients: Spalted Big Leaf Maple, epoxy resin, Gorilla brand wood glue, blue mica powder, and four screws (because for good or bad, everything in life deserves to be screwed a few times 😊)

Seahawk fans rejoice! This is how good some of the modified Seahawks logos look on spalted maple. It may not be the teams' time for playoffs this year, but these clocks can help you tick off the moments leading up to next year's Super Bowl run!

The Grizzly Table - Before and after pictures

This was my first attempt to make a table. I made mistakes along the way, but learned lots on working with the spalted maple goodness. I made the two Grizzly bears from different cuts of wood so one looks like a winter coat and the other a brighter spring coat. Don't worry, they won't bite!

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