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Tinderbox Wood Products is going to the OddMall this Spring, or rather the

OddMall Sprung 2 show!

Most items are available NOW in our shop at:

2295 South Camano Dr

Camano Island WA

Hours: Saturday and Sunday 10am - 5pm


We are busily making lots of neat wood crafts such as Mini Spirit Boards, Tarot Cards, Planchette jewelry, Dice and Cute Character themed necklaces and earrings... for a start. Take a look below as we begin to show off some of the new items you can expect to see at the OddMall.


Keep coming back to see new items we're working on. And if you can't make the show, we'll soon have some of the items on Etsy.

Do us a favor, please?? If you like something leave a like on the image. The more we hear people are excited about something, we can focus on what the people want! Thank you!!

Major Arcana 22 Piece Wooden Tarot Card Set

Dangly D20 Earrings
& other Goodies